Cameron Fleming. Copywriter.


We used a 360° Facebook panorama to feature all 18 cocktails.

The Keg: Summer cocktails.

On its summer menu, The Keg was introducing more cocktails than ever before. Eighteen in all — including five without alcohol, the first-ever mocktails at The Keg. So we created a social campaign to run throughout the summer and give every cocktail its due. We created Facebook posts, Instagram how-to-videos, a flat-lay teaser showing all the ingredients in all the cocktails, and even a 360° Facebook panorama featuring all 18 drinks in one image.

ACD/Copywriter: Cameron Fleming / Senior Art Director: Ryan Walton / Creative Director: Matt Hassell / Photographer: Michael Alberstat / Director: David Quach

“Finally, non-alcoholic cocktails that aren’t named after a child actress. ”

Facebook posts

Flat-lay image of cocktail ingredients
Grown-up drinks for grown-ups who don’t
Now everyone has something to toast with
Sun's out. Gin's out.
Raise a glass to rising temperatures.
Shaken? Stirred? Or steeped?

Instagram how-to videos