Cameron Fleming. Copywriter.

Etching of a hibernating bear

Student: Polaris.

There’s nothing like winter. It really is the best season of the year. And Polaris snowmobiles are for people who take winter on its own terms. Polaris is built for the wild.

Copywriter: Cameron Fleming / Art Director: Suzy Elizondo / Instructor: Sean Thompson

“If you don’t get that, you don’t even deserve winter.”


“If you see a grizzly bear, call him a weenie. Go to any national park in the summer, you’ll see bears walking around like they own the place. Knocking over trash cans. Beating up cars. Scaring the bejeezus out of tourists.

“But are bears really so tough? In the summertime, the mighty grizzly bear battles the ferocious salmon. Sticks his paws in places they don’t belong, like beehives. Wandering around looking for berries. Real scary, teddy bear.

“And at the first sign of snow, teddy hides in his cave. He sleeps through the winter, the best six months of the year. Pathetic.

“Now, if hibernation sounds good to you, you have our pity. But winter’s not for sleeping. As for teddy, we think it’s about time somebody woke him up. And we’ve got just the machine to do it.”


“Our machine’s not for delicate flowers. If you’re the kind of guy whose heart goes pitter patter at the sight of flowers, who yearns to drive his convertible with the top down, who looks forward to lounging on the veranda, who can’t wait to wear his Bermuda shorts and his flip-flops, if you’re the kind of guy who walks around saying ‘spring has sprung!’ — then stay the hell away from our machine.

“Because there’s no feeling on Earth like crushing the first flowers of spring under the skis of your snowmobile. And if you don’t get that, you don’t even deserve winter.”

Never saw thaw.
Wake the bears.

Bumper stickers

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